Eva Tote / Dust

Product Details:
You can carry your personal stuff, daily with Eva Tote.
It will provide you comfort while organizing your stuff with its large capacity and two pockets placed in the lining.
Additionally, you can carry your properties safely with magnet gripper.
Eva Tote's handles designed with calfskin leather provided from Yalvaç, Isparta.
It gives you elegance and comfort on travel and in daily use.
We hope you use it with love.

Fabric Information:
Eva Tote consists of jacquard weaving and upholstery fabric combined.
The lining is black and 100% poplin.
The handles are calfskin leather.
Fusing used in order to keep it steady and strong.

We do not recommend machine wash because of the leather handles.
Wiping or dry cleaning are suitable.

Width: 42 cm / Length: 40 cm / Depth: 12 cm
There are two pockets in the lining with 24 cm and 18 cm width.

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